Definitions for "Multi-processing"
The ability of a computer operating system to perform several tasks simultaneously. UNIX is a multi-processing system. DOS is not.
(1) Pertaining to simultaneous execution of two or more programs or sequences of instructions by a computer. (2) Use of a linked set of central processors to perform parallel processing. (3) Having two or more processors in one computer and the operating system's ability to take advantage of these processors. In symmetrical multiprocessing, the operating system is capable of assigning tasks on the fly to the next available CPU. In Asymmetrical multiprocessing, the software designer must designate which CPU should be used for a given task. (7/96)
Having two or more microprocessors working on a software task at the same time.
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Software feature allowing multiple jobs to be in memory. This may also permit engraving and working on a job at the same time.