Definitions for "SPMD"
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Single Program Multiple Data. This is the most common way to organize a parallel program, especially on MPP computers. The idea is that a single program is written and loaded onto each node of a parallel computer. Each copy of the single program runs independently (aside from coordination events), so the instruction streams executed on each node can be completely different. The specific path through the code is in part selected by the node ID.
(adj.) Single program, multiple data; a category sometimes added to Flynn's taxonomy to describe programs made up of many instances of a single type of process, each executing the same code independently. SPMD can be viewed either as an extension of SIMD, or as a restriction of MIMD. See also process group, SISD.
Single Program, Multiple Data -- The same program is executed on different items of data, but the operations need not be performed in lockstep as in SIMD. MPI is an SPMD programming environment, whereas PVM is full MIMD.
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