Definitions for "Indexed"
The contracted increase in certain payments in line with a measure such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or a specified rate. (see also Superannuation pensions)
The value of an asset that has increased, usually in line with the CPI.
a Medline citation that has been assigned controlled vocabulary terms (MeSh headings).
assigned controlled vocabulary terms; or Indexed By - chosen for inclusion in a particular database.
Indexed Collections are when a whole series has been scanned and a searchable index created. This allows the user to search for images using keywords.
Once a web page has been crawled by a spider and included in the search engine's database it is said to have been 'indexed'.
A search engine indexes your page when it add you to its database/index. Normally you get added to these indexes by specifically requesting to be added on the engines submission page.
See " adjustable rate."
In finance this term means "measured by" and/or "adjusted according to," thus an interest rate on a note may be, by agreement, "indexed" i.e. adjusted according to the market at time the interest is due. Or a note denominated in a foreign currency may have its exchange rate "indexed," adjusted according to the market rate in effect at the time of payment.
Listed by the computer in a separate place, in alphabetical order, and containing the record number that the word or phrase applies to.
Information or names placed in a book containing references.
Also Index-linked. Growth in income or capital which follows one of the many growth or performance indices e.g. Retail Prices Index, Average Earnings Index.