Definitions for "Indoctrination"
1) Teachers should free children of the "mental illness" of allegience to parents, government and god (Chester Pierce, Harvard Dept of Ed); 2) The exploitation of public schools by corporations as a vehicle for advertising and selling products to children and marketing public relations to their parents through wholesome educational packets and posters and wimpy "donations" that are really tax write-offs or bribes
The act of indoctrinating, or the condition of being indoctrinated; instruction in the rudiments and principles of any science or system of belief; information.
The initial security instructions/briefing given a person prior to granting access to classified information.
Indoctrination is instruction in the fundamentals of a system of belief (such as a philosophy or religion).
A process by which people are assisted in becoming convinced of something contrary to logic, common sense and/or their own observations. The effectiveness of this is seen by the impossibility of convincing the victim that he/she has been indoctrinated, and it is better not to attempt this. Indoctrination of an entire group or population can lead to an unliveable situation for a visitor who has not been subjected to the same indoctrination.
teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically