Definitions for "Influencer"
In the business-to-business environment, a person involved in the buying decision process but who does not make the final decision.
A person in a group buying situation (e.g. a family) who exerts significant influence in the final buying decision
a person in the prospect organization who has the power to influence and persuade a decision-maker. Influencers will be generally be decision-makers for relatively low value sales. There is usually more than one influencer in any prospect organization relevant to a particular sale, and large organizations will have definitely have several influencers. It is usually important to sell to influencers as well as decision-makers in the same organization. Selling to large organizations almost certainly demands that the sales person does this. The role and power of influencers in any organization largely depends on the culture and politics of the organization, and particularly the management style of the two main decision-makers. See decision-makers.
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The element that causes a change in behavior.
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One who, or that which, influences.