Definitions for "Inject"
To throw in; to dart in; to force in; as, to inject cold water into a condenser; to inject a medicinal liquid into a cavity of the body; to inject morphine with a hypodermic syringe.
Fig.: To throw; to offer; to propose; to instill.
To cast or throw; -- with on.
to add in; to insert; to interject; as, to inject a comment into the conversation; to inject humor into a tense situation.
to insert between other elements; "She interjected clever remarks"
To pierce a tree's bark and release a small, measured amount of herbicide into the cambium.
force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing; "inject hydrogen into the balloon"
Keywords:  heroin, take
take by injection; "inject heroin"
Keywords:  intravenously, feed
feed intravenously
to introduce (a new aspect or element); "He injected new life into the performance"
insult introduce
Keywords:  glucose, vein, patient
give an injection to; "We injected the glucose into the patient's vein"
Keywords:  cavity, fill, fluid, vessels, tissue
To fill (a vessel, cavity, or tissue) with a fluid or other substance; as, to inject the blood vessels.