Definitions for "Syringe"
A kind of small hand-pump for throwing a stream of liquid, or for purposes of aspiration. It consists of a small cylindrical barrel and piston, or a bulb of soft elastic material, with or without valves, and with a nozzle which is sometimes at the end of a flexible tube; -- used for injecting animal bodies, cleansing wounds, etc.
To inject by means of a syringe; as, to syringe warm water into a vein.
To wash and clean by injection from a syringe.
Keywords:  irrigate, spray, part, body
spray or irrigate (a body part) with a syringe
Keywords:  medicine, plastic, tube, take, blood
a plastic tube, which we use to give you medicine or to take blood
Keywords:  mixture, good, way, applying
a good way of applying this mixture
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a very useful tool and can used be in a couple of different ways
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a useful measure for this