Definitions for "Int"
Primitive data type for a 32-bit signed integer value.
INTeger part of a decimal number. It corresponds to a truncation to 16 bits
Designates an integer field type in SQL
An internal Perseus file related to adding records.
file A file created when the source file is syntax-checked, containing intermediate code.
Borland Interface Units or Foxpro Code Page Intermediate Code used for syntax checking (various)
The stuff here has no documentation and some of it may never be completed. This is my playground, use at your own risk.
A suffix indicating an international domain. (I've never seen it, but WebTrends assures me it exists.)
This suffix is used for Internet's Domain Name System.
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interest ven blds venetian blinds
organizations established by int ernational treaties, or international databases
Fully Interchangeable. Interchangeable between Coupon Registered, or Registered to Principal. Bond form can be changed throughout the life of the bond.
International, The .int domain is used only for registering organizations established by international treaties between governments. It is operated by the IANA .int Domain Registry
Isaac Newton Telescope at the La Palma Observatory.
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scene header that tells the reader the following scene takes place inside (e.g. INT. BOB'S DINER - NIGHT).
facing an inside patio
A scene shot indoors.
ernet service provider: A company that provides a connection to the internet, usually for a flat fee. Some commercial services may require use of a proprietary web browser that is incompatible with PAWS.
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Intermediate Top, at the top of the reactor, tank, vessel, or fermenter. According to the Lightnin Definition TOT Total
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International Curriculum
ERROGATORY, formal (usually written) question, requiring a reply on oath.
short for interiorization, the action of going into something too fixedly and becoming part of it too fixedly. Int is also used to refer to the auditing procedure which handles the adverse mental and spiritual effects of interiorization.
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Intellect. The stat that determines how much mana your character has, and the rate at which you can learn new weapon skills. Also effects the chance to score a critical hit with some spells.
Destination indicator for an international message, commonly referred to as a cablegram.
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Internal sync mode that sets to internal 2:1 interlace.
International Dollars — A unit of monetary value, similar to US$, but which takes into account PPP as well as the exchange rate between a local currency and US$.
is an Integer. Sometimes it is implemented in various programming languages as meaning a whole number.
INT is an assembly language instruction for x86 processors for generating a software interrupt. It takes one argument that must be a constant byte value. (This should not be confused with the concept of a hardware interrupt.)
Individually Negotiated Topic
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An abbreviation for interview.
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Internally mounted device
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Institute of Natural Therapy
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Interactive Environment
The integer function returns the integer which is less than or equal to the value of the numeric expression.
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Internet specific.