Definitions for "Intensity modulated radiation therapy"
Keywords:  imrt, spare, dose, beam, immobilized
CT scans are obtained with the patient immobilized in the treatment position. Other imaging information from MRI scans or PET scans may be fused to the CT image. This information is analyzed by a sophisticated computer to precisely map the location of a cancer and its predicted areas of spread. Normal tissue organs at risk are also map. Nonuniform radiation beams are then aimed from several directions at the areas that need it, while trying to reduce the exposure of organs at risk.
A newer form of radiotherapy, enabling more precise external beam radiotherapy treatment. Instead of having a single, large radiation beam pass through the body, IMRT breaks it up into thousands of thin beams, improving accuracy and minimizing harm to surrounding tissue.
the intensity of the radiation beam can be changed during treatment to spare adjoining normal tissue and increase the dose to the tumor.