Definitions for "HDR"
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see CDMA2000.
high dose radiation): radiation delivered by temporary insertion of radioactive Iridium wire into flexible needles placed in the prostate through the perineum. See our paper Temporary Seed Implant with High Dose Rate Brachytherapy.
HDR stands for high dose rate. It is a form of brachytherapy that involves the rapid (minutes) and accurate delivery of radiation directly into the target tissue. It is distinguished from LDR or low dose rate brachytherapy where the sources are left in place for a longer period (either days or permanently like "seeds") of time.
Hot dry rocks. Technology to harness the heat stored deep underground to generate electricity.
Hot Dry Rock. heat energy residing in impermeable crystalline rock. Fracturing creates permeability to allow the circulation of water to remove the heat.
Hot dry rock. Subsurface geologic formations of abnormally high heat content that contain little or no water.
higher degrees by research; m asters or doctoral course in which at least two-thirds of the program is research-based
see 'Higher degree by research'.
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Hard Drive Recorder. A component which uses a computer hard drive to digitally store audio and/or video.
Hard-Drive Recorder. Device that uses a computer hard drive to store compressed digital audio and video signals.
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HDR can stand for
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Human Development Report