Definitions for "Interception"
As used in this manual, the act of listening to and/or recording signals intended for another party for the purpose of obtaining intelligence.
The process by which moisture is caught on plants and other surfaces and initially does not directly contact the soil surface.
Is the capture of precipitation by the plant canopy and its subsequent return to the atmosphere through evaporation or sublimation. The amount of precipitation intercepted by plants varies with leaf type, canopy architecture, wind speed, available radiation, temperature, and the humidity of the atmosphere.
A HEPA filter phenomenon by which particles larger than 0.3 µm (micrometer) contact a filter fiber and are retained by it.
The process whereby a particle moving in a gas stream is offset slightly from directly impacting a moving or stationary obstacle or target. As the particle tries to move past the obstacle, the obstacle intercepts (and collects) the particle. Compare with Inertial Impaction.
The process in which a particle is removed from an airstream as it follows the streamlines around a filter. The particle comes in contact with a fiber and stays attached to it because the attractive forces between the fiber and the particle are stronger than the forces of disruption of the moving airstream.
Als een verdediger een bal vangt, dan heet dit een interception. De verdediger die de bal heeft gevangen mag proberen to scopen.
the act of intercepting; preventing something from proceeding or arriving; "he resorted to the interception of his daughter's letters"; "he claimed that the interception of one missile by another would be impossible"
the use of high-speed fighter aircraft to approach, inspect, and signal off-course and/or unresponsive aircraft. Interception should not be confused with shoot-down which is used as a last-resort measure.
Arises when a salmon stock is harvested far from its site of spawning. In such a fishery, the salmon stock may be taken selectively as a single stock fishery or indiscriminately along with many other stocks.
Interception is a type of threat that involves accessing sensitive information, modifying the information and reusing the traffic. This is also called spoofing.
a counter-attack that intercepts and checks an indirect attack or other disengagement.
A pest (weed, insect, plant or animal disease, etc.) found contaminating/infesting an article being imported from another country.
As used here, the statutory-based action of providing access and delivery of a subject's telecommunications and call-associated data to law enforcement agencies.
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The act of intercepting; as, interception of a letter; interception of the enemy.