Definitions for "internationalization"
The process of creating products and supporting materials in order to make their localization easier.
The process of designing software (or hardware) in a flexible manner such that it becomes an easy task to adapt or localize to another country with differeent languages. Internationalization also makesit possible to use more than one writing system on computers. There are two main implementations of internationalization: the locale model and the multilingual model.
The design or modification of a software product, including online help and documentation, to facilitate localization. Internationalization of software typically involves writing or modifying code to make use of locale-aware operating-system services for appropriate localized text input, display, formatting, and manipulation. Also known as localization.
Another term for fragmentation. Used by Grossman and Helpman (1999).
Refers to a widely used currency for trade and transactions. The US Dollar and the Euro are examples.
Referring to a currency that is widely used to denominate trade and credit transactions by non residents of the country of issue. US dollar and Swiss Franc are examples.
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Idea that peoples should unite across national boundaries; gained popularity during the mid-19th century; led to establishment of International Red Cross, Telegraphic Union, Postal Union, series of international fairs. (p. 838)
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See globalization.
This is another word for globalization.
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the act of bringing something under international control.