Definitions for "Jacobs Ladder"
Keywords:  ladder, rungs, wooden, deck, pilots
A rope ladder with wooden steps lowered from the deck.
a marine ladder made of rope, or chain with wooden or metal rungs
ladder made of rope with wooden rungs, eg pilot ladder which is used over the ships side for embarkation and disembarkation of pilots
Keywords:  spark, closest, plasma, gap, lowest
a device for producing large sparks
a spark gap in which a spark forms initially between the lowest and closest points then rises as the plasma heated air rises
Keywords:  spectacular, fun, simple, low, project
a spectacular, simple, low-cost project that is fun to build
Keywords:  flip, vinyl, expose, panel, horizontal
A series of horizontal panels held together with a vinyl bank. These panels flip to expose the opposite side when top horizontal panel is mechanically turned.
Keywords:  randomly, town, grows, flower, unique
a unique flower that grows randomly in your town by itself
a special arc device with a "V"-shaped electrode arrangement