Definitions for "JAMMA"
Keywords:  amusement, pcb, arcade, swap, adhere
An industry standard for connecting video game PCBs to an arcade machine. The standard describes an interface to a PCB, including power, grounding, inputs, and outputs. A cabinet that is wired with a JAMMA connector can very easily be converted between different games that adhere to the standard.
an acronym, standing for Japanese Amusement Machine Manufacturers' Association
Japanese Amusement Machine Manufacturers Association - This is a standard which was set by a group of Japanese manufacturers to make it easy to swap game pcb's between cabs without having to modify them. The standard also defined the type of monitor to be used (resolution) and the controls to use including the number of buttons. (2 players, 1x 8way joystick each, 3 fire buttons each and a start button each) Generic machines which adhere to the Jamma standard are known imaginativly as 'Jamma Cabs' See also Arcade Machine for Sale