Definitions for "JitterBug"
Keywords:  dancer, dance, jazz, swing, woogie
a fast and vigorous American dance that was popular in the 1940s, having few standardized steps and personalized with various twirls, twists, and acrobatic moves; it was performed often to the accompaniment of swing or boogie-woogie tunes.
a fast dance of the 1940s to swing music
A popular dance of the 1940's.
JitterBug is a web-based bug tracking system built on J2EE technology. In addition to extensive features of Bugzilla, it will also provide full i18n and pluggable theme support. It depends on standard open source frameworks like Struts, XDoclet, JBoss.
Keywords:  tamper, grill, beneath, wet, concrete
Hand tamper, also referred to as a concrete tamper, which consists of a metal grill with long handles. It forces large aggregate beneath the wet concrete surface to leave it smooth and finished.
Keywords:  toy, insect, vibrates, floor, moves
a toy insect that vibrates and moves around the floor in no particular direction
to do the jitterbug.