Definitions for "joe "
JOE has the feel of most IBM PC text editors: The key-sequences are reminiscent of WordStar and Turbo-C. JOE is much more powerful than those editors, however. JOE has all of the features a UNIX user should expect: full use of termcap/terminfo, excellent screen update optimizations, simple installation, and all of the UNIX-integration features of VI.
JOE -Java Optimization Engine- provides an easy way to optimize programmatically Java applications. JOE is an Ant optional task .
(R): way cool; turbo -- "Its so very joe!"
According to Aaron Thomas (p. 82), a Joe was a coin worth approximately eight dollars. He writes on page 82, "By the new regulation about the Gold Coin in Martinico, I find that no Joes will pass for 8 Dollars, unless they weigh 8 Penny weights. -- Numbers of the Pluged Joes are now not worth 7 Dollars."
Joe Lewis Thomas (born on July 5, 1973 in Columbus, Georgia), is an American R&B singer and record producer. He is usually credited simply as Joe.
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Joe is a 1970 drama film starring Peter Boyle, Dennis Patrick, and Susan Sarandon in her film debut. Joe, a construction worker played by Boyle, and a business executive, played by Patrick, search for the latter's missing hippie daughter played by Sarandon.
as in: "Hey, I got a Joe."; short for "Joe Medallion," a troublesome Water Cooler Message Board poster that would type several one- or two-character messages in a row to reach a numbered message like 3,000 or 4,500
The act of destroying a domain's good name via revenge spam or other attack. Named after, a web-hosting service which was vicitimized in this way.
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See Johannes.
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in folklore, a name for fire.
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