Definitions for "Jura"
1. A range of mountains between France and Switzerland.
(joo-rah) The name used for the departement (like a state), mountain range, and wine growing region in eastern France, near the Swiss border. Not well known, for the wines do not travel well, it is a pleasant area, with pleasant, much varied, but ultimately simple wines.
is situated in Eastern France between Burgundy and Switzerland away from the main wine growing areas of France. This isolation has meant a unique style of wine from unusual grape varieties although Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have been introduced from Burgundy and are gradually replacing the local varieties - Poulsard which make a deep coloured rose and Savagin which is used to make the Vin Jaune for which the area is particularly known.
(Punjabi) In Sikhism: traditional topknot hairstyle worn by initiated males.
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Tying of long hair into a knot on ones head, over which a turban is tied.
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a wild, scarcely-populated island
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Jura is a programming language which is also a structured data language - think XML for source code. Jura supports generics, transforms and on-the-fly language extensions. The project aim is to create a Jura compiler in Java and then port it to Jura.
JPEG Utilities Registration Authority
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The Jurassic period. See Jurassic.