Definitions for "LAA"
Lysergic acid amide. hallucinogenic drug found in morning glory seed, producing effects similar to those of LSD” ( Levinthal, 128).
Launch area antenna. Located adjacent to each missile launch cell, the LAA's were used for radar communication with the missiles at the MSR complex prior to launch (while they are still in their underground silos). More information (photo 031).
To change the name of something and call it something incredibly long and pretentious and still not fool anyone.
The Lenington All-American award is given for a cultivar that has been marketed for at least 10 years & has performed outstandingly in all parts of the country.
Local Area Agreements. These agreements provide a single framework through which government departments can allocate additional funding to local authorities and their partners. Their aim is to reduce and simplify funding streams and give more scope for local authorities to concentrate on local priorities. The funding focuses on the themes of children and young people, safer and stronger communities, and healthier communities and older people.
Locally Administered Address. The local version of the MAC address.
Local Area Agreement
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Light Anti-Aircraft
limited access authorization
Land Administration Authority
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Limitation of Actions Act