Definitions for "Lamprey"
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An eel-like marsipobranch of the genus Petromyzon, and allied genera; called also lamprey eel and lamper eel. The lampreys have a round, sucking mouth, without jaws, but set with numerous minute teeth, and one to three larger teeth on the palate (see Illust. of Cyclostomi). There are seven small branchial openings on each side.
Lampreys have long been used as food for humans. During the Middle Ages, they were widely eaten by the upper classes throughout Europe, especially during fasting periods, since their taste is much meatier than that of most true fish.
any of a group of eellike water animals with a funnel-shaped, jawless, sucking mouth; also called lamper eel.
Lamprey is the name of a fictional set of characters from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, a line of military-themed toys. Generally speaking, they are Cobra soldiers specialized in underwater and sea environments.
Lamprey (Donald McGuiggin) is a fictional character from Marvel Comics' original Squadron Supreme series. He was initially created as a pastiche of the DC Comics supervillain, the Parasite.
das Neunauge das Bachneunauge das Flussneunauge Geotria australis Lampreta planeri Lampreta fluviatilis
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a common type of aquatic animal in Lake Erie
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7-9% Life Stolen per hit