Definitions for "LEV"
A level of standards for tailpipe emissions (hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen) enforced in California and states that have adopted California standards. An LEV II vehicle meets the same tailpipe standards as a federal Tier 2 bin 5 vehicle.
Low Emission Value A vehicle meeting the low-emission vehicle standards.
Low Emission Vehicle, once the cleanest designation, but no surpassed by several levels of reduced emissions
Details ] [ ] Leverage measures how important the situations a reliever has been used in are. A leverage of 1.00 is the same importance as the start of a game. Leverage values below one represent situations that are less important than the start of a game (such as mopup innings in a blowout). Leverage values above one represent situations with more importance (such as a closer protecting a one-run lead with bases loaded in the 9th inning). Mathematically, leverage is based on the win expectancy work done by Keith Woolner in BP 2005, and is defined as the change in the probability of winning the game from scoring (or allowing) one additional run in the current game situation divided by the change in probability from scoring (or allowing) one run at the start of the game.
Land expectation value. The net present value of a perpetual series of timber crops, all managed according to the same plan. Also see “Net present value."
LEV is a submarine telecommunications cable system in the Mediterranean Sea linking Italy, Cyprus and Israel.
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For other uses, see LEV (disambiguation)
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the basic unit of money in Bulgaria
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Specifies the execution address.