Definitions for "Joint Implementation"
Keywords:  kyoto, erus, annex, aij, emission
Agreements made between two or more nations under the auspices of the Framework Convention on Climate Change to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
A mechanism that allows emission reduction and removal projects to be implemented in countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol. A JI project can only be located in an Annex I Party with an emissions limitation commitment under the Kyoto Protocol. JI projects earn ERUs for the emission reductions/removals achieved.
Industrialized countries can contribute to their greenhouse gas emission reductions targets by investing in emissions reduction projects in other industrialised (Annex-I) countries and receiving credits called Emission Reduction Units (ERUs). This is advantageous if mitigation costs are lower than those for national action. Joint Implementation (JI) is defined in Article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol.