Definitions for "LIC"
Library and Information Commission.
Library & Information Centre. The LIC is the main building locating UWS Library and Information Services. There are other LIS buildings in other locations, such as NSL, Hendrefoelan, Morriston and Banwen.
Land Information Centre
Line Integral Convolution. Line integral convolution is a texture based technique for visualizing vector fields and has the advantage of being able to visualize large and detailed vector fields in a reasonable display area. Line integral convolution involves selectively blurring a reference image as a function of the vector field to be displayed. The reference image can be anything, but to make the results clearer, is usually an spatially uncorrelated image (e.g., a noise image). The resulting image appears stretched and squished along the directions of the distorting vector field streamlines, visualizing the flow with a minimum of display resolution. Vortices, sources, sinks and other discontinuities are clear shown in the resulting image, and the viewer can get an immediate grasp of the flow fields major events. MMI
Lethal Infantile Cardiomyopathy.
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Lady Irwin College. A girls college in Delhi.
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link interface carrier. A small chassis containing card guides and a backplane, providing the electrical connection between the LIMs and the system's backplane. The LIC is two slots wide, and plugs into the rear of the shelf. From one to eight LICs can be installed in one shelf.
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liquid incinerator
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Literacies in the Community
Life Insurers Conference. An organization that provides for exchange of information on management problems among the member life insurance companies. Member companies are either home service or combination companies, selling weekly premium insurance, monthly debit ordinary insurance, etc.
Life Insurance Corporation
Learning Innovation Committee
Local Interstate Connector
Local Import Control
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Low Intensity Conflict
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"list one 0", an auditing repair list.
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Last in chain.
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(abbreviation) license.
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LIC could mean