Definitions for "liquidation"
The closing out of a previous position by taking an opposite position in the same contract.
The closing out of a long position. The term is sometimes used to denote closing out a short position, but this is more often referred to as covering. See Cover.
Process of converting collateral to cash.
the act of exterminating
The removal of residents from the ghettos, concentration camps or extermination camps.
exchange of several pieces in succession, perhaps involving a forcing or temporary sacrifice. The examples given in the Bishops handout feature the Stahlberg/Capablanca manoeuvre, the aim of which is a defensive liquidation.
liquidation - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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A term used to denote a series of exchanges that are initiated to quell an enemy attack or to trade off to a drawn or won endgame.
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the murder of a competitor
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The ultimate determination of the duties due.
The final review of a U.S. Customs entry, and determination of the rate of duty and amount of duty by Customs.
The final review and assessment of duty on imported merchandise by the Customs Service.
The disposal, at maximum prices, of the collateral securing a loan, and the voluntary and enforced collection of the remaining loan balance from the obligators and/or guarantors.
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The sale of a defaulted mortgage loan or of the REO property that previously secured the loan.
Amount of obligation actually paid to supplier/contractor who provides services for US&FCS in support of events/activities.
Items that are not considered first quality saleable products.
A remedy for breach of contract, which is available only to the seller, whereby he/she retains the buyer's earnest money as liquidated damages.
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A condition that describes the depth of market orders. A liquid market is able to accept large orders to buy or sell a commodity, with little change to the current price; ease of entry into, and exit from, the market.
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The act or process of liquidating; the state of being liquidated.
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see liquidate.