Definitions for "LogBook"
A book designed for swimmers to keep records of their own times for each event. This is an excellent way of keeping track of improvement. Logbooks may be purchased at most meets and sport/ swim shops.
A register book that lists a pilot's flight time, instructor endorsements, and completed training topics.
Français : Carnet de bord des véhicules Deutsch : Fahrzeugakte A record of data relating to each bus (technical and performance characteristics, failures/faults, maintenance actions as well as age and km/mileage).
a simple JFile database for UK trainees, which provides sufficient data for their local college requirements
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The goal is to help project management process with an easy to use way to collect events. As projects are differents, the events' format store by LogBook is hightly configurable.
a helpful communication tool when more than a few people are involved in a big project
a helpful communication tool when more than a few people are involved in providing support at home
This is the Vehicle Licensing Certificate provided by the Vehicle Registration Unit to the owner of the vehicle. It contains a unique number in the top right hand corner. An example of a Vehicle Licensing Certificate number is V03 0128635. It changes each time there is a change of ownership. If trying to verify this number in the Cartell system type for example V030128635.
an effective means by which to note the movement of a piece of equipment