Definitions for "FRC"
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Faulkner Ridge Center
Federal Records Center. A records storage facility operated by the National Archives and Records Administration for storing and servicing noncurrent records. Storage is free of cost.
Family Resource Center. HOC location supporting activities such as Homework Clubs, Girl Scouts, and Computer Labs. Check here for addresses and phone numbers.
Functional Residual Capacity. ERV + RV
Functional Residual Capacity. Portion of lung volume--the volume of gas that remains in the lungs following a normal exhalation.
Fourier ring correlation. a measure of statistical dependency between two averages, computed by comparison of rings in Fourier space [ Saxton and Baumeister, 1982]. As the Differential Phase Residual, the FRC is used to establish the reproducible resolution in single-particle averaging. Typically, the curve falls off from a value of one (perfect agreement) toward zero (no correlation). The point where it falls below 0.5 is a realistic measure of resolution [ Bottcher et al., 1997; Penczek, 1998 (=Appendix in Malhotra et al., 1998)].
Fibre reinforced composite. a product formed by intimately combining two or more discrete physical phases—usually a solid matrix, such as a resin, and a fibrous reinforcing component.
Fibre-Reinforced Composites is a combination of (1) a polymer (plastic) matrix (either a thermoplastic or thermoset resin, such as polyester, isopolyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, phenolic) and (b) a reinforcing agent such as glass, carbon, aramid or other reinforcing material.
Fiber Road Card. One (of three) elements of the STT. This board is responsible for receiving the CTT data and for all overall coordination and synchronization of the STT with the outside world.
FEMA Regional Coordinator
Full retail contestability. Where homes and businesses are able to choose their own energy supplier.
Full Retail Contestability. Extending the right to choose an electricity retailer to all customers, regardless of size.
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Fast Rescue Craft
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Free carrier (similar principle to FOB)
Fine Registration Certificate. This is a certificate sent to an offender's home court, advising that court, that the offender is to pay a fine.
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FIRST Robotics Competition
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Fuel Rail Cover
Specifies source floating-point register for operation.