Definitions for "CTT"
common test training
Calibration Task Team, a scientifically orientation group drawn from the Project and SI teams, charged with the responsibility of planning AXAF calibration.
Community Treatment Team. The treatment staff (Psychiatrist, Nurse, Case Manager, Therapist and/or Crisis Worker,etc), based on the need of the consumer, goes to the consumer to provide treatment.
character translation table. Used in print minidrivers that are created for NT-based operating systems. CTTs are translated to RLE files.
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Certified Tech Trainers
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Central Track Trigger. The level one trigger component formed using CFT information
Capital transfer Tax. This was introduced in the 1970s to tax money and assets given away by people during their lifetime, as well as on the estates of people who died. Its name was later changed to inheritance tax.
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Closed Technical Trial
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Cloud Top Temperature