Definitions for "Preceptor"
The head of a preceptory among the Knights Templars.
the resident knight or sergeant in charge of a preceptory of the Military Orders. preceptory a monastery of the Military Orders; used particularly to refer to establishments of the Templars
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One who gives commands, or makes rules; specifically, the master or principal of a school; a teacher; an instructor.
teacher at a university of college (especially at Cambridge or Oxford)
an abhyasi who has been prepared and permitted by the Master to introduce people to the Sahaj Marg system and conduct group meditation
an experienced nurse practitioner or physician who agrees to both assist and evaluate
an experienced staff member who supervises the clinical learning of the new nurse or nursing student and guides the inexperienced person (preceptee) during their orientation and training period
a nurse who takes charge of the orientation of a new staff member
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See upajjhaya.