Definitions for "CRB"
CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL BROKER. A designation awarded by the Realtors National Marketing Institute, which is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors.
Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager, a professional designation of the Realtors National Marketing Institute (RNMI).
The Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager designation, conferred by the Real Estate Brokerage Managers Council, identifies brokers who have taken an extensive array of courses oriented toward enhancement of brokerage management skills.
Criminal Records Bureau. A new body established by statute due to become operational in 2001, to improve access to criminal records and other information held by the police and Government Departments.
Current Record Buffer. An area in RAM set aside for manipulating field values from the current record of each open File as well as memory variables.
Commodities Research Bureau, an index compiled by Bridge Inc. to measure the overall performance of the commodity futures market.
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Corona Borealis
Centres de Ressources Biologiques
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CRC Credible signal
The Workers' Compensation Commission's Compensation Review Board comprised of two Workers' Compensation Commissioners and the Workers' Compensation Commission Chairman to hear appeals of decisions from lower level Informal and Formal Hearings.
Controlled Risk Bet. A Controlled Risk Bet (CRB) is sometimes known as a guaranteed Stop loss order and can be placed on a range of instruments that we offer. A CRB allows you to open a specific bet and attach to it a guaranteed Stop loss order at a price you are prepared to be stopped out. Therefore you have a known ‘worse case scenario' should the market move against you, and you have a defined loss you are prepared to accept on that trade.
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Rare Books (Central Library, seventh floor)
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Come Right Back