Definitions for "MLS"
Major Soccer League - the professional first division league in the United States. The New England Revolution is the MLS team based in Massachusetts. One can read more about the MLS and the Revolution.
Master's Degree in Library Science ALA accredits MLS programs in the U.S.
Service combining the listings, in one database, of all the available homes, except those being sold by the owner, in a specific area.
Masters in Library Science. Might also be MALS or MSLS. The graduate degree for a professional librarian.
Meridian Library System serves 16 counties in central Nebraska and has its office in Kearney.
a master's degree in library science
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Microwave Limb Sounder
Microwave Landing System
See Maximal Length Sequence.
( maximum-length sequences) A time-domain-based analyzing technique using a mathematically designed test signal optimized for sound analysis. The test signal (a maximum-length sequence) is electronically generated and characterized by having a flat energy-vs-frequency curve over a wide frequency range. Sounding similar to white noise, it is actually periodic, with a long repetition rate. This test signal is most often tailored to be pink noise, as the preferred response for fractional octave analysis. Similar in principle to impulse response testing - think of the maximum-length sequence test signal as a series of randomly distributed positive- and negative-going impulses. See: MLSSA
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Multilayer Switching
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Mass Layoff Statistics
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See Multilevel Security.
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Miles Sound Tools Compressed DLS
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Male Locking Sleeve
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A shot in which a human figure practically fills the screen height, from just below the feet to just above the head.
Medium long shot.
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Multi-Level Security