Definitions for "love song"
Keywords:  song, album, lotta, d'amour, chirico
a song about love or expressing love for another person.
Le chant d'amour (Love Song or Song of Love; 1914) is a painting by the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico. It is one of the most famous work by de Chirico and an early example of the surrealist style, though it was painted ten years before the movement was “founded” by André Breton in 1924.
Love Song was a single by The Damned.
Keywords:  glaister, donald, don, painted, book
a painted book by Donald Glaister
a painted book by Don Glaister
a monochromatic sampler that easily lends itself to an embroiderer's individual choices in linen and threads
an amazing weapon, especially when wielded against those who hate
a perfect way to show your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband how much you care about them
Keywords:  caress, music, set
a caress set to music
Keywords:  thriller, trapped, story, inside, body
a love story trapped inside the body of a thriller
Keywords:  standout, birds, beauty, things, wind
a standout track about the beauty of the things in nature like the trees, birds, and the wind
Keywords:  dexterity, fine, example, her
a fine example of her dexterity)