Definitions for "LSM"
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See Letter Sorting Machine. (machine à trier les lettres – MTL)
Letter Sorting Machine. A machine that sorts mail by reading fluorescent bar codes printed on such mail. (machine à trier les lettres – MTL)
LSM (Linear Synchronous Motor) is a form of electro-magnetic propulsion. They replace a traditional lift hill and do not contain any moving parts. Typically LSM systems launch the roller coaster from the station extremely quickly.
Linear Synchronous Motor. Strategically positioned magnets are used to launch the coaster. Good LSM launches involve the magnets turning on and off in perfect synchronization to achieve maximum acceleration. This "turning on and off" is what separates the LSM from the LIM.
Living Standards Measure. A basic market segmentation algorithm, which categorises a respondent into one of 10 groups, based on observable characteristics, largely to do with durable goods ownership.
A marketing philosophy that encourages you to direct the majority of your marketing budget and efforts to activities within the restaurant, the property line and a 10-minute drive time to the restaurant. Research indicates that 80 percent of a typical restaurant's guests live within a 10-minute drive, and consequently, this represents the most fertile ground for attracting loyal guests.
LSM is a line of confocal laser scanning microscopes produced by the Zeiss company. As of 2005, the state of the art is the 5th generation, including the LSM 510, LSM 5 Pascal, and LSM 5 Live.
LSm proteins are a family of RNA-binding proteins found in virtually every cellular organism. The name LSm is a contraction of 'like Sm', because the Sm proteins were the first identified members of the LSm protein family. The Sm proteins were first discovered as antigens in a patient with a form of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a debilitating autoimmune disease.
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Landing ship, medium
The NCAR Land Surface Model. This model was used with the CCM the predecessor to CAM.
Lime stabilised mixture. is a mixture, generally incorporating a soil, for which the addition of lime significantly enhances, in the medium to long-term, the characteristics of the material and renders it permanently stable.
Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat (Community-based Organization, Non-Government Organization)
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inux ecurity odule. a security framework for providing different security levels.
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Lateral submedial neuron See CEP neuron
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Law Society of Malawi
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Land-Sea mask
Littoral Sea Mine
Logical Storage Manager. LSM is a storage management system that provides data redundancy and volume-level striping.
Logistics Support Manager
Library Storage Module. Storage area for tape cartridges and the robot used to access them.
A Legato network-based software product to back up and recover Oracle7, Oracle8, or Oracle8 databases.