Definitions for "Mail Merge"
(Data Merge) - is a technique for personalizing bulk e-mails by embedding dynamic text from a datasource with the static text of the main message. The @-Manager allows you to merge any field of a table along with other sources into your bulk e-mails. (You can also do mail/data merge with HTML pages that the system generates)
A mass-mail facility that takes names, addresses, and (sometimes) pertinent facts about recipients and merges the information into a form letter or another such basic document.
an application in which a set of addresses from a data file are merged into a template of a letter or mailing label to create a series of documents based on the template and including the addresses from the data file.
The process of combining information from a data source with a publication to print a batch of individually customized publications. ergannoo walqabsiisuu View
a message sent to many people, with some of the information customized to suit each recipient