Definitions for "malpractice"
Improper or immoral conduct, negligence or breach of duty in the performance...
Evil practice; illegal or immoral conduct; practice contrary to established rules; specifically, the treatment of a case by a surgeon or physician in a manner which is contrary to accepted rules and productive of unfavorable results.
a failure of a professional to act in accordance with the acceptable course of conduct, negligence of a member of a profession in a professional capacity
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Malpractice is the fifth of Redman's solo albums. It reached #4 on The Billboard 200 and was certified platinum by the RIAA. It boasted two singles "Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get In Da Club)" and "Smash Sumthin'".
A carrier giving a customer illegal preference to attract cargo. This can take the form of a money refund (rebate); using lower figures than actual for the assessment of freight charges (undercubing); misdeclaration of the commodity shipped to allow the assessment of a lower tariff rate; waiving published tariff charges for demurrage, CFS handling or equalization; providing specialized equipment to a shipper to the detriment of other shippers, etc.
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Job performance that is below the industry standard for similar services, typically resulting in harm to client or patient. Most often used in the legal or medical industry.