Definitions for "Manifesto"
A public declaration, usually of a prince, sovereign, or other person claiming large powers, showing his intentions, or proclaiming his opinions and motives in reference to some act done or contemplated by him; as, a manifesto declaring the purpose of a prince to begin war, and explaining his motives.
A written declaration of intent or principles.
A policy platform, communicated by a political party to voters in an election, that outlines specific goals and time frames for achieving them. A manifesto can also be said to be a schedule for putting policy into practice if that party takes control of government. Each party generally distributes its manifesto in booklet or pamphlet form. The concept of manifestos was imported into Japan based on policy programs announced by parties in elections in the U.K. The Democratic Party of Japan first decided to introduce manifestos in a national election in the lower house election of November 2003. Manifestos have since become a common sight in Japanese elections. Manifestos allow voters to examine and compare the policies of each party. (Aug. 17, 2005)
a document with a concise, coherent, compelling pro-family worldview and program of action
an historically significant piece of work and will help win the war for the pro-family movement
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Manifesto is the sixth studio album (seventh overall) by Roxy Music and was released in 1979.
an expansion of the mission statement going into the details
statement of the purpose of the LBFCA.
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a call to action, a verbal slap in the face, an effort to use language to make things happen
a document that serves to correct erroneous characterizations imposed on humanism by others who may attempt to define humanism but do not understand its basic philosophy
a way of writing that cuts through a complicated reality and reveals it by asking the reader to position themselves as either for or against
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a five-, ten- or twenty-page PDF file that makes a case
an announcement of a leader's policies
a call to action, a solidifying of a position, and builds community
a contract binding the bearer of the next administration to the public
a contract between the incoming government and the people