Definitions for "Match cut"
transition al technique, in which there's a cut between two shots (outgoing and incoming) that are joined, matched, or linked by visual, aural, or metaphorical parallelism or similarities; there can be audio matches, segues (a segue refers to a smooth, uninterrupted transition), and visual match-cuts of various kinds; see also audio bridge and bridging shot Examples: North by Northwest (1959), Cary Grant pulls Eva Marie Saint up the cliff of Mt. Rushmore -- then a match cut to Grant pulling her up to a bunk in a train; or the moment in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) where a bone tossed in the air by a primordial ape is visually displaced by a shot of a spinning spacecraft; the famed match cut in Citizen Kane (1941) from a closeup of Thatcher's diary words on a white page to a backdrop of snow where young Kane plays
A transition from one scene to another matching the same, or a similar subject within the frame
A cut intended to blend two shots together unobtrusively (opposed to a Jump Cut).