Definitions for "Mayday"
An expression meaning "I am in distress." It is the international radiotelephony distress signal. Preferably spoken three times, it indicates imminent and grave danger and means that immediate assistance is requested. Fr: « Mayday
An international distress call, from French, m'aidez (help me); SOS or ...---... in Morse code.
The distress call used on marine radios
Mayday, like Love Parade, is one of the oldest and most reputed electronic music festivals, having its debut on 1991. Despite the name, Mayday festivals date oscilates between 30 April and December (these being called Winter Mayday). After 2000, the Winter Mayday started being played in Katowice, Poland and in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Mayday is a live album by Hugh Cornwell. It was a live show recorded at Sankey's Soap in Manchester on 1 May 1998, hence the title.
Mayday is a band from Omaha, Nebraska on the Saddle Creek Records label, led by Ted Stevens, also of Cursive and Lullaby for the Working Class.
An ITS program designed to link travelers in trouble with transportation officials in real-time. Uses location-referencing technologies and communications systems.