Definitions for "EBS"
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mergency roadcast ystem. Obsolete - replaced by EAS.
Environmental Baseline Survey. Replaces the Preliminary Assessment Screening (PAS) and covers CERFA requirements.
An environmental baseline survey documents the environmental condition of property at closing and realigning bases, including the information on the storage of hazardous substances and the degree and extent of environmental contamination. The EBS evolves over time as environmental cleanup progresses, and it provides the basis for making findings of suitability to lease or transfer ( FOSLs or FOSTs).
Emergency boration system
Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery Phone Service
Emergency Broadcasting System. Compare? Used to inform the public about an emergency and the protective actions to take. The EBS is a service of local radio and television stations, activated as needed and approved by a local emergency management agency.
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The electronic trading platform used by SWX, the Swiss Exchanges.
"Electronic Brokerage System", the electronic system on which major banks trade with each other. This is considered to be the most definitive indicator of prices at which currencies are "really" trading, at least for EUR/USD and USD/JPY.
Engineering and Biological Systems. One of BBSRC's funding committees.
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See Embryoid bodies
Education Benevolent Society
England Biodiversity Strategy
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the compass point that is one point south of due east