Definitions for "Medical Review Officer"
It is the role of Medical Review Officer to examine alternative medical explanations for any positive test results. This is accomplished by contacting the donor of the sample to investigate if the presence of the drug is explained as legitimate medical use, including (if needed) review of prescriptions or discussions with the employee's physician.
A medical professional, most often a licensed physician, who is responsible for receiving and reviewing all confirmed "positive " drug-test results from the laboratory. The MRO is generally responsible for contacting all individuals testing "positive " to inquire about possible prescription or over-the-counter medications which may have caused a "positive " test result. The MRO must have knowledge of substance-abuse disorders and the appropriate medical training in order to interpret and evaluate "positive " test results, together with an individual's history and any other relevant medical information.
a licensed physician who is certified to conduct a confidential interview with each positive donor and confirm ALL positive test results