Definitions for "Menstrual cycle"
a series of changes in the endometrium of a nonpregnant female; with each cycle, the lining is thickened and matured and is capable of supporting development of a fertilized ovum
This is the time period that begins on the first day of a period and lasts until the first day of the next one. The cycle starts about every 28 days. First, one of her ovaries pushes an egg out. The egg leaves the ovary and rides along one of the fallopian tubes towards the uterus. The blood inside the uterus starts to get thicker. Sperm from a man might swim inside the woman and find the egg. If a sperm gets inside of the egg, then a baby starts to grow inside the uterus. The blood in the uterus is used to help the baby grow. It is like a nest. If a sperm doesn't find the egg, then the egg dies after awhile. When the egg dies, the blood in the uterus isn't needed, so they both go out of the body through her cervix and through her vagina. This is a woman's period. A period is the last thing that happens in this cycle. Then everything starts all over again. Hormones make this cycle work.
The process of ovulation and menstruation in women and other female primates.
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