Definitions for "Mermaid"
A fabled marine creature, typically represented as having the upper part like that of a woman, and the lower like a fish; a sea nymph, sea woman, or woman fish.
A woman with the tail of a fish. Said to be the daughters of Triton God of the seas. The song of a mermaid as been said to be able to entrance sailors.
Mediterranean. A woman down to the waist with tail of a fish. Conventionally holds a mirror in one hand, combing lovely hair with.the other According to myth created by Ea, Babylonian water god. Sometimes identified with Sirens, the mythical enchantresses along coasts of the Mediterranean, who lured sailors to destruction by their singing. Ulysses contrived a way of escape. To her regret the mermaid had no soul, and was regarded as a temptress. There may be significance in the soulless mermaid placed in the map close to the unattainable Holy Land, or she may be a possible temptation to sea-faring pilgrims.
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Also known as a Trumpet Skirt, this skirt is fitted at the hips and thighs then flares out from the knees. It may or may not have a train. It can be tricky to kneel or sit in this style.
This ultra-slim-fitting dress follows your every curve and often includes a fishtail skirt - a panel of fabric that hangs free from the rest of the skirt.
This is a very slim fitting style that flares out from about the knee level to the hem
Mermaid or "Merm" is a fictional character in Toy Story 3. She is a barbie and is friends with everyone except Barbie. She is voiced by Lindsay Lohan.
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Mermaid is a character in the Legend of Stafy game series. She is used as a method of saving your game for later play.