Definitions for "MHS"
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Message Handling Service. An electronic mail protocol developed by Action Technologies, Inc.
Message Handing System. (Sistema de Tratamiento de Mensaje (STM).)
(n.) is CCITT's X.400 series of recommendations for electronic mail transfer. MHS defines the system of message user agents, message transfer agents, message stores and access units.
Mental Health Study/Mental Health Services
Medicare Health Support
Military Health System. the total health care system of the U.S. uniformed services. The Military Health System includes Military Treatment Facilities as well as various programs in the civilian health care market like TRICARE.
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Microwave Humidity Sounder (NASA EOS)
See: Manufactured housing securities
Manufactured housing securities. Loans on manufactured homes-that is, factory-built or prefabricated housing, including mobile homes.
Manufactured Home Sale
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Montana Historical Society
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Meat Hygiene Service
A new directory hierarchy standard for Linux and other Unixes that is focused on being easier to use and is application directory oriented.
Microprocessor Hardware Specification
A program developed by Action Technologies and marketed by that firm and novell to exchange files with other programs and send files out through gateways to other computers and networks. It is used p ... more
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