Definitions for "Mice "
pl. of Mouse.
Dreaming of mice foretells domestic troubles or that business affairs will assume a discouraging tone. If you dream of a mouse jumping on you or getting in your clothing, then you will be involved in a scandal with a friend.
Refer to more than one mouse. Mice is synonymous with mouses.
Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe
Mesoscopic Integrated Conformal Electronics. This DARPA program is aimed at simplifying the manufacture of electronic devices and systems, and providing greater flexibility than is possible using existing technologies. In size, mesoscale devices fall between integrated circuits and surface-mount components.
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Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events
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Mice is a server designed for a home network where one machine has a modem to connect to the Internet. Clients on other machines can communicate with the server and ask it to connect to the Internet. The server keeps track of client requests and disconnects when all clients no longer require connection.