Definitions for "Incentives"
small rewards given to patients to encourage them to either take their own medicines or keep their clinic or field DOT appointments
Something that induces or encourages people to act on a particular matter.
Rewards or punishments for actions.
External stimuli that motivate behaviors (as opposed to internal drives). go to glossary index
Economic benefits given to providers to motivate efficiency in-patient care management.
Anything that influences the choices people make. There are both monetary and non monetary influences.
Subsidies, tax breaks and other Government actions, in which indirect money is given to consumers under certain conditions.
Subsidies and other Government actions where the Governments's financial assistance is indirect.
Financial incentives (and disincentives) used in managed care contracts to increase the likelihood of specified processes or results.
Profit sharing arrangements offered by HMOs and managed care plans that permit subcontractors and physicians to share in amounts earned from plan savings through reduced hospital and specialty referral usage. (NOTE: Federal fraud and abuse rules may affect the types of incentive plans that health centers and physicians may enter into).
performance-based pay approach that is designed to increase output, based on the performance of individuals or groups (i.e. piecework or commission). Page 137
Extras’ designed to increase response rates to a marketing message, e.g. a prize draw.
Additional extras like limited offers or discounts that are designed to increase response rates to a marketing message
A marketing tool that credits a certain amount of money to a dealer's open account when that dealer purchases the specified vehicle.
Payments to stimulate industrial activity