Definitions for "Incentive program"
a dental benefit program that pays an increasing share of the treatment cost, provided that the covered individual utilizes the benefits of the program during each incentive period (usually a year) and receives the treatment prescribed. For example, a 70%-30% copayment program in the first year of coverage may become an 80%-20% program in the second year if the subscriber visits the dentist in the first year as stipulated in the program. Most frequently, there is a corresponding percentage reduction in the programs copayment level if the covered individual fails to visit the dentist in a given year (but never below the initial copayment level).
A program with items of perceived value added to an offer or sales goal to encourage specific response. Can be targeted at consumers, but more typically refers to employee or sales force programs.
a formal scheme for inducing someone (as employees) to do something
a motivational offering intended to secure extra effort on the part of a sales force for a designated time period
A planned activity designed to motivate an individual to achieve predetermined organizational objectives.
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