Definitions for "Externalities"
An unintended side-effect of market activity. A negative externality is a cost not reflected in market price and usually results in hyper-efficient output – that is, overproduction to the detriment of other market and non-market values. A positive externality is a benefit not reflected in market price and may result in less than efficient output – that is to the detriment of market values.
costs imposed on others without their receiving compensation, or benefits received by others without their paying the proper costs.
in economics, benefits or costs that are not included in the market price of goods or services. For example, the cost of natural resource depletion, pollution and other environmental and social factors are externalities that often are not factored into the market price of a product.
an externality is an outcome outside the desired outcome resulting from an intervention. In the context of the introduction of a new land registration system, for example, an externality resulting from a particular approach adopted may be that certain types of informal rights are not capable of registration, and are therefore jeopardised.
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Conditions that are beyond the influence of the project team. [D02752] RMW