Definitions for "Missionaries"
The first stamps of Hawaii, issued 1851-52, considered among the great classics of philately.
a nickname for the 1851-1852 stamps of Hawaii.
a nickname for the 1851-52 stamps of Hawaii.
This term generally refers to those young men who go in pairs, dressed in suits and often riding bikes, who are known for knocking on doors and who teach people about what Latter-day Saints believe. Generally men are encouraged to serve missions and become missionaries when they are about nineteen years old. They serve for two years. This is a voluntary service and missionaries are not paid. They do not hold jobs, attend school, or date; this allows them to put their full attention to serving the Lord and the people around them for the length of their missions. Young women can also serve if they choose. Not only does this give the church a way to share the gospel, but you can imagine that it is also a tremendous growing experience for these young people. Full-time service of any kind is a wonderful way for people to begin their adult lives.
A term used to describe those pastors who are more inclined to spend their time bringing God's word to all people for the sake of saving souls. All pastor must be missionaries to some extent. Please see Dave Luecke's ongoing series, Missionaries and Guardians.
People sent to another place to spread a religion or do social work.