Definitions for "Modes"
Refers to categories of sings by quality of action: cardinal, fixed, and mutable.
Three attitudes toward change: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable.
A series of scales derived from Medieval church music. To simplify a complex topic, you could say each mode takes a starting note from a white key on the piano and continues up through the next seven white notes. Therefore there are seven different starting points and so we have seven modes. Folk music often has a modal quality about it ( e.g. Steeleye Span's "Guadete" is in Aeolian Mode) but modes are also employed in jazz (Miles Davis' "So What" is in Dorian Mode).
the system that predated the tonal system. In each mode, the ordering of tones and SCMiLones in the scale differed somewhat. Tonal music consists of only two modes, major and minor. In post-tonal music some composers (such as Messiaen) have written pieces using artificially constructed scales as modes.
an ancient Greek system of arrangin notes into scales
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NBOR modes allow you to accomplish different tasks, such as creating and editing text, freehand drawing, drawing objects for automatic recognition and conversion into polished graphics, drawing action arrows, grouping items, and communicating online. All are accessed through switches. The main modes are: RDraw, Text and Edit, Free Draw, Arrow, Lasso, and Hello.
Teledyne RDI offers several modes of operation that are optimized for certain conditions. There are currently five modes of operation for water profiling available from RDI
Discrete optical waves that can propagate in optical waveguides.
of PiPEs: PiPEs can be run in one of three modes, depending on the intended viewer(s): Audience (for projection to illustrate a talk), Individual (for one or two people), or Development (for the author of the PiPEs, during their development). Typically, the mode is selected with radio buttons at the top of the Contents page.
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See: access modes, deny modes
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