Definitions for "Molecular sieve"
Keywords:  zeolite, sieve, adsorb, pore, lattice
Zeolite, natural or synthetic or similar materials whose atoms are arranged in a crystal lattice in such a way that there are a large number of small cavities interconnected by smaller openings or pores of precisely uniform size. Used as drying agents for some liquids or gases as well as for other absorptive applications. May be regenerated for extended use under specified conditions.
A material that contains many small cavities interconnected with pores of precisely uniform size. Zeolites are an example. Molecular sieves adsorb molecules that are small enough to pass through their pore systems- especially water. They are often used as drying agents, and to separate large molecules from smaller ones in preparatory work and in exclusion chromatography.
a kind of alkali aluminosilicate, able to adsorb molecules with their critical diamete