Definitions for "Mosquito"
Any one of various species of gnats of the genus Culex and allied genera. The females have a proboscis containing, within the sheathlike labium, six fine, sharp, needlelike organs with which they puncture the skin of man and animals to suck the blood. These bites, when numerous, cause, in many persons, considerable irritation and swelling, with some pain. The larvæ and pupæ, called wigglers, are aquatic.
two-winged insect whose female has a long proboscis to pierce the skin and suck the blood of humans and animals
an insect," her dad said
The most dangerous natural predator in Belgium. Vicious, and astonishingly giant predators of the night (at least twice the size of any I have seen in the tropics). Sleep depriving, whining, evil instruments of satan.
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To see mosquitoes in your dreams, you will strive in vain to remain impregnable to the sly attacks of secret enemies. Your patience and fortune will both suffer from these designing persons. If you kill mosquitoes, you will eventually overcome obstacles and enjoy fortune and domestic bliss.
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a living being as you are, and it is born with the natural instinct of sucking blood for its food
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a necessary intermediary
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a secondary host
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a large animal