Definitions for "nightingale "
A small, plain, brown and gray European song bird (Luscinia megarhynchos syn. Luscinia luscinia). It sings at night, and is celebrated for the sweetness of its song.
A larger species (Lucinia philomela), of Eastern Europe, having similar habits; the thrush nightingale. The name is also applied to other allied species.
European songbird noted for its melodious nocturnal song
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Nightingale are a once goth rock, now progressive/AOR metal/rock band from Örebro in Sweden. They are signed to Black Mark Records.
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A soldier who cried out during a flogging
an attempt at dispelling some of our mistrusts
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Nightingale is an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the eighth episode of the seventh season.
English nurse remembered for her work during the Crimean War (1820-1910)
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Nightingale allows you to cut a large WAV file into pieces. It does not require tons of memory nor a long wait before you can interact with it. This project is no longer actively maintained.
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To see or hear a nightingale in a dream is a happy prediction for love affairs.
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beauty, longing